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Election Question ~ #2


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However, winning the Olympic Games will demand much stronger management skills of the next mayor and council. Protecting the legacies we have been offered and acquiring the many more we require will be an ongoing task for all of the next eight years. Hard and diligent work combined with tough negotiating will be necessary with both the organizing committee and senior levels of government.

Yet not winning the bid would not relieve the new council of a tremendous workload. The problems of affordability, economic renewal and protection of the environment rage on and they must be addressed quickly. Even without an Olympic event we must start taking the necessary actions to protect the community of Whistler.

Rick André – Candidate for Council

The Olympic and Paralympic winter games are a great idea, for the new facilities they will bring to Whistler will inspire our young people to lead a healthier lifestyle.

However, what concerns me is the possibility that rents will increase and strata fees will also do the same. I hope to work with the community to ensure the local businesses do not get forced out for the games.

The athletes village in the Callaghan Valley will help for the meantime but during the two weeks of the Games people will be forced out of their homes to accommodate the athletes, so in my opinion we have a major problem. We need to look at what will happen and where we will be able to house our employees during the games.

Another problem is the highway closures, and the loss of business in the years before the Games. We must work as a community to find the answers to our problems. We must find more incentives to be able to keep our long-term employees here longer.

I hope to help the community better itself.

Kristi Wells – Candidate for Council

The Olympic Bid process has been extremely valuable to Whistler. In addition to the legacies we have negotiated for today, with or without winning the Games, we have solidified and upheld our collective vision of who we are on a world stage and what is most valued to us. By sincerely participating in the bid process to date we have created an incredible catalyst for moving forward the priorities on our community agenda. This bid has taken some of our strategic plans and visions and brought them to a tangible place of realization. This process hasn’t planned our community for us, every potential legacy has been previously identified in our strategic documents, CDP and vision statements. We are not being asked to do or be anything that we hadn’t anticipated and planned for. There are still many challenges to rise to. Whistler is not insulated from failure – the wave of success we are riding is just that – a wave. We must capitalize on these types of opportunities, weigh them against our vision and values, and strive to protect our fragile market share. I believe in the Olympics for Whistler. If not this, What? – and if not now – When?