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Election Question ~ #2


On Nov. 16, Whistler residents will go to the polls to vote for a mayor and six municipal councillors for the next three years.

To enlighten voters and clarify what the 20 different candidates stand for, Pique is running a four-part series during the election.

For the first two parts (Oct. 18 and 25 issues), candidates were given 200 words each to answer questions on the Whistler. It’s Our Future process and the Olympics posed by the Pique.

The last two parts (Nov. 1 and Nov. 8 issues) are the candidate profiles in which all of the contenders will have an opportunity to discuss priorities and present their election platforms to the voters.

In addition, Pique will continue to provide election coverage of campaign events such as the Chamber of Commerce all-candidates meeting on Nov. 2, and the WORCA/Pique candidates meeting on Oct. 29.

Question 2:

"How will the Olympic bid help or hurt Whistler?"

(Answers are in reverse order from last week.)

Hugh O’Reilly – Candidate for Mayor Throughout the development of the 2010 Olympic Bid, my strongest commitment has been to maintain Whistler as a strong, vibrant community. I believe the 2010 Olympic Bid provides some amazing opportunities to address two of the community's biggest concerns – housing and affordability. Win or lose, Whistler comes out on top.

1) Whether the 2010 Bid is successful or not, Whistler is guaranteed up to 300 acres of Crown Land for resident housing. This is land which would never have been available to the community without the Bid.

2) The Provincial Government is committed to looking at how it can provide resort communities with financial tools to address affordability concerns. These additional funds would enable us to maintain and improve our current programs and services, while enhancing the visitor experience. Whistler won't end up paying extra for the Games. Any additional costs to the community will be picked up by the organizing committee’s budget or the Provincial Government. And property taxes will not be raised to pay for the Games.

The 2010 Bid goes beyond supporting the success of Whistler as a community, it is an opportunity for Whistler to take a leadership role at an international level.

Dave Davenport – Candidate for Mayor

I sit as a board member of the 2010 Olympic Bid and have done so because I believe the Olympics can deliver tremendous benefits to the community of Whistler. The recent declines of Aspen, Vail and Sun Valley have educated us to how the over reliance on past success will quickly lead to both economic and social degradation. The Olympic focus on sport, culture and the environment will go a long way to sustaining the success of our community for a long time to come.