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Candidates to share their views in dialogue cafes


Compiled by Adam Daff

Executive Director of Whistler Forum William Roberts has organized for four of the West-Vancouver Sunshine Coast candidates to come to Whistler and be involved in dialogue cafes.

The talks will follow in the same kind of format that has been used with Whistler’s councillors in recent weeks.

Liberal candidate Blair Wilson will be a guest at the first dialogue café in Whistler on June 13 between 4-5.30pm.

Conservative MP John Reynolds will be talking to constituents over lunch on the 21 st between 12-1.30pm and NDP candidate Nicholas Simons will follow between 4.30-6pm on the same day.

Greens candidate Andrea Goldsmith will be in Whistler on Sunday June 20 between 4-5.30pm.

The locations had not been determined at press time but for further details check


Strahl doubts Liberals

Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon Conservative MP Chuck Strahl damned the Liberal’s promise to give cities five cents per litre, or approximately $2 billion annually, from the federal gasoline tax.

Strahl said, "it was hard to believe that the Liberals would actually keep this promise" because when the "Opposition brought the idea forward two years ago the Liberals voted against it."

Strahl said a Conservative government would transfer gas taxes to cities "as long as it’s used to fund infrastructure needs such as roads."

He also reaffirmed his party’s desire to scrap the federal gun registry.

"A Conservative government will repeal the registry knowing that you can’t fix something that’s already broken," he said.

Besner backs Martin

Liberal candidate in Chilliwack-Fraser Canyon, Bob Besner, released several press releases this week supporting Prime Minister Paul Martin’s initiatives.

"The type of long-term investment in health care Canadians desire is not possible with the American-style tax cuts offered by Stephen Harper, and requires a fiscal discipline that the NDP simply do not have," said Besner.

He added that the Liberal’s federal gas tax initiative would return money to the "level of government that needs it the most", our under-funded local councils.

Bombois decries court ruling

The Canadian Action Party’s candidate in West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast, Squamish resident Marc Bombois, has come out in support of Percy Schmeiser, the farmer who took on Monsanto over genetically modified crops.

Schmeiser lost when the Supreme Court of Canada upheld Monsanto’s claim.

Bombois said in a letter that "the Supreme Court decision confirms what I now see as obvious – our government no longer protects our rights."

"The Supreme Court has ruled that Monsanto owns its gmo…. In effect, Canada’s highest court has given Monsanto ownership of a species."