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elaho court date

Court date for Elaho loggers delayed After appearing before a judge on Feb. 29, five loggers who were charged in an alleged Sept. 15 assault on a protest camp in the Upper Elaho Valley have been ordered to reappear on April 3 for a second interim hearing. The date of the trial, the pleas of the accused and counsels for the defence have still to be determined. On Feb. 14, two additional men were charged in the incident, bringing the total number to five. Leslie Zohner, 35, was charged with one count of assault and one count of mischief to property. Thomas Lloyd, 41, was charged with one count of assault, one count of mischief and one count of uttering a threat. They will be joining Donald Wayne Kulak, Richard James and Alexander Stephen McLeod of Squamish, who were charged two weeks earlier.

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