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Efforts to combat bullying continue



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"My daughter’s name has been splashed across the country while her attackers remain anonymous," she says. "Embarrassment may be the best cure for these types of behaviour, along with the realization that criminal charges may be laid."

Du Four hopes to meet with Whistler parents and interested parties to discuss her recommendations prior to the forum, with the intention of forming a petition for locals to endorse.

Nebbeling says the Surrey meeting must be a catalyst for anti-bullying activity, especially in the political arena.

"Recent events have reinforced that bullying is an extremely serious issue that can have horrendous demoralizing effects on students, whether it be verbal or physical," Nebbeling says.

He adds the government needs to set a strong direction in anti-bullying policy and he believes this will be a key issue in some electoral areas. However, he says getting teenagers to listen to what adults have to say on the subject, could be another challenge in itself.