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Eco-Run on tap for high-performance driving instructor

Alan Sidorov to drive from Ottawa to Montreal with fellow automotive journalists



The gas gauge looks to be waning, possibly on the way out to join the Dodo bird, silent movies and the Sony Walkman in extinction. Whistler specialized advanced driving instructor and automotive writer Alan Sidorov will be back east test-driving some of the latest and greatest technology on four wheels as part of his work in the driver’s seat and behind the wheel watching automotive evolution.

Sidorov will be a participant in an event put on by the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC) between June 4th and 6th called Eco-Run. He and 22 other automotive writers will drive 22 new vehicles powered by the latest technology available in current vehicles from Ottawa to Montreal.

The vehicle manufacturers have offered up hybrids, electrics and high efficiency fossil fuel vehicles for the Eco-Run. The fleet of vehicles being driven by the journalists includes the Ram 1500 HFE pickup truck to a trio of Ford vehicles, a pair of cars from Chevrolet, hybrids from Honda, Hyundai and Infiniti along with three makes each from Mazda and Mercedes-Benz, the Mitsubishi I-MiEV, a Porsche Cayenne and hybrids from Lexus, Toyota and Volkswagen.

Ahead of his departure, Sidorov said while there will be some time at a test track, the event isn’t a competition between vehicles.

“There is an element of competition between drivers,” said Sidorov. “A green jersey will be awarded every day for whoever gets the best economy.”

The goal of the event, in the face of rising prices at the pump, is to demonstrate both efficient vehicles and fuel-saving driving tactics.

Sidorov said he expects to drive almost all the vehicles on the roster but he’s particularly looking forward to driving the Porsche Cyanne. He said he brings a unique perspective to the roster of journalists participating in the run because of his international racing experience combined with the coaching and specialized driver training he currently does. According to Sidorov, the other Eco-Run participants are the “who’s-who” of the automotive journalists across Canada.

Five press conferences are planned over the course of the driving event and representatives of the vehicle manufacturing companies will be along to answer questions related to their vehicles.

Check back on Thursday for more on Sidorov’s planned participation in the Eco-Run.