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Earth to Earthlings: Do you read me?

Regarding our planet on Earth Day



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If you're somebody in a position of social power, including policy makers — otherwise known as politicians, but I like to unload that loaded word — you can scale up the action. Why can't a community as environmentally thoughtful as Whistler — after all it copped a nice seven per cent reduction in energy use for Earth Hour last month — step a little closer to the plate?

Take a look at Sonoma Mountain Village. It's the first One Planet community in North America, with initiatives like an impressive battery of renewable energy supplies and a system that only uses non-potable water for its sewage.

At the very least, think about this gorgeous Earth and why you love it just once this coming Earth Day. After all, even small thoughts can be beautiful.

Glenda Bartosh is an award-winning journalist who writes as if people matter.