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Ear Candy

With Wes Makepeace


Skateboarder, Snowboarder, Songwriter, Friend

My five favourite songs right now:

1. Welcome To Hell — The Hellacopters

"These guys are the Swedish chefs of rock ’n’ roll. I would never sell my soul, but if I did it would be to join this band."


2. Mudhead — The Supersuckers

"Eddie Spaghetti sure can write ’em. This song is perfect."


3. Lungs — Townes Van Zandt

"Old Townes haunts me in my sleep and he’s playing this song."


4. Wide Awake — The Fall Of Summer

"The name says it all. I could live in this song."


5. Song No. 6 from the album "Blue Horse" — The Be Good Tanyas

"The angels of Mountain music from Nelson, B.C. This song breaks my heart. I think it’s about some crazy girl…"


Last words….

"Heartbreakers and tail shakers… keep em comin’.

Ear Candy is a weekly column offering a glimpse into the local musical mindset.