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Ear Candy


With Dave Morris

a.k.a. Dr. Dave

Singer, guitar player, Mighty Backhoe, Friday night hero at BBK’s and slave to the musical drive

My five favourite songs right now:

1. Dreadlock Holiday – 10cc

"The melody of this song has haunted me since I was a kid. To get to play this song with the Kostaman band is a real treat for me. I'm pretty sure the rest of the band and the crowd love it too."

2. Caring is Creepy – The Shins

"Recommended to me by a friend, this band has really grown on me. They have many modes: mellow acoustic, rock band, moody instrumental… I like it."

3. She Likes to Party

"This original diddy, not yet available in recorded format, seems to get 'em going live! This song is evolving from a jam into a song. A definite favorite! Coming soon."

4. Sober – Tool

"Simple, effective, heavy. Love it. It's the rocker in me."

5. The Postal Service – Recycled Air

"Blended electronica and instruments. Mellow with interesting lyrics, very chilled."

Last words…

"All of my life music has had a powerful, positive effect on me. Watching live shows inspired me to pick up the guitar. Now I find that the more emphasis I put on music the more it all makes sense."