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With Kostas Lymbertos


a.k.a. Kostaman

Reggae singer/songwriter and fearless leader of the Mighty Backhoes

My five favourite songs at the moment:

Me Gustas Tu – Manu Chao

"This song’s recognizable guitar line really gets people moving. The lyrics are in Spanish and French, reaching out to a wider group of people. The music sounds mellow and happy but it’s actually delivering a message about serious issues."

Could You Be Loved – Bob Marley

"From the very first note, whenever we play this song people are already in it. They’re already grooving to it. It’s one of those songs that turns people on like a switch."

The Wicked – Kostaman

"This song is on my upcoming CD which will be released at the end of July. We’re writing about the same issues these days that Bob Marley was writing about 30 years ago. It makes me ask the question, how long must we sing these songs?"

Batucada – Traditional Brazilian

"This is the samba drum music that they play during Carnival in Brazil. Imagine two hundred drummers walking down the street. It makes the earth rumble it’s so powerful. Captivating and intoxicating!"

Row Fisherman Row – The Congos

This CD was given to me on the street by someone I didn’t even know. She had seen my band and thought I should hear it. It’s a reggae CD with African rhythms and vocals, but as soon as you settle in you discover it’s more trance-y than just straight reggae. An amazing mix of dub, roots, African and trance recorded circa 1975. These guys were free, open-minded musicians that were experimenting on the edge. It takes you on a journey.

Last Words:

"Music is the energy sweeping through our world. As it goes, it passes through you and in doing so, it makes you its vessel. Spread the love!"

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