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With Ace MacKay-Smith


a.k.a. Foxy Moron, Acezilla, Mama Go-Go

Dancer, DJ, filmmaker & party guru

Five sounds I dig:

1. Everything by Peaches

"I just had to mention her Õcause she puts on the most entertaining one woman, blood-spitting rock show. So much so that I even had to buy the tour undies. What a geek. And she sports a beard on the album cover."

2. Let It Die Ñ Feist

"About a year ago I read about this Canadian girl who had sung backup for Peaches in Berlin and who now lives in Paris. This album is bittersweet. Like a really great sad movie. Love her voice. She even just won Best New Artist at the Junos and Zulu hadn't even heard of her last year. It saved me last summer."

3. Somebody Stole My Thunder Ñ Georgie Fame

"I recently heard this song on a TV commercial and thought it sounded so good that I searched for more stuff by ol' Georgie... It's old and it's great!"

4. MoÕLester Ñ Lester

"This album isn't out yet. I stole a copy from the Lester guys. I know nothing about these two guys (har har) but they sure make good music."

5. Moldy Peaches

"You'll either hate Õem or love Õem. The music sounds like it was recorded in someone's garage. Funny and ultra-hip lyrics. I first heard them when a transvestite in New York was playing them in her store. Then I bought a metal bra."

Squeaking in number six: I like The Music a lot. They rock.

Last Words:

"Sounds like I really like peaches. If I had to pick one song it would be The Rainbow Connection by Kermit the Frog.

Last, Last Words:

"Congratulations... you're all still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model!"

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