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Ear Candy

With Cam Salay


Bowen Boy, Paperboy & Brackendale Bluegrass Festival founder.

My five favourite CDs right now:

1. Arkansas Traveler — Michelle Shocked

"An older record but I just got the re-issue. Amazing. Great songwriting, great collaborations with various artists, and a new twist on some traditional music. Go to her website and buy it."

2. Deep Natural — Michelle Shocked

"A beautiful songwriter. Another inspiring record from Michelle."

3. The Waking Hour — David Francey

"Scottish-born songwriter living in Eastern Ontario. Beautifully simple songs, inspiring to any writer. This album is nominated for a Juno this year."

4. Living in Clip — Ani DiFranco

"A fearless writer, performer and activist. No fluffy music here."

5. Nebraska — Bruce Springsteen

"I never get sick of this one. It’s like a favourite old movie."

Last words:

"There’s so much inspiring music out there to hear and share. Best thing you can do this summer to discover new music is go to a folk festival."