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With Kit Soden


Snowboard instructor, longboarder and guitar/vox for funk-dub-jazz band Kaejema.

Five albums I think are great:

1. Tabla Beat Science — Tala Matrix

"Bill Laswell and Zakir Hussain join forces to create an album dedicated to exploring rhythms. Laswell composes electronic beats and some dub basslines over Zakir’s incredible tabla playing. It seems to fit almost any mood, as it can be intense, serene, groovy, intellectual and enrapturing all at the same time."

2. Xen Cuts — Ninja Tune

"A three CD compilation of artists on the Ninja Tune label. Well-composed tasteful programming, DJing and sampling by a diverse crew of musicians/artists. Amazing driving or dancing music."

3. A Handful of Beauty — Shakti with John McLaughlin

"The title of the album sums it up. Quality musicianship of each player, all extremely dedicated to their instruments and their music. John McLaughlin had a guitar made for this project, carved out between the frets so he can play it like a sitar, so he could play the semitones of the ancient scales."

4. DGQ-20 — The David Grisman Quintet

"Their 20th Anniversary CD. Bluegrass-funk-jazz. Really fun, hyper music. Grisman can play so fast on a tiny mandolin, and he’s played with so many great (and famous) musicians that he has a lot to say with his phrasing. His various quintets and quartets are always a treat."

5. Headhunters — Herbie Hancock

"I couldn’t believe how funky this album was when I first heard it. Those guys can lay it down hard. Tight grooves, intricate melodies."

Last words:

"This is the age of musical fusion. Musicians and artists have been finding new ways to express themselves by learning different styles and combining traditional and modern techniques. It’s all about learning and getting better at what you do by keeping an open mind and spending time doing what you love."

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