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With Rob Cutler a.k.a. Plastic Surgeon


DJ, Drum ’n’ Bass Addict, Bocce Master

There is so much quality drum ’n’ bass being produced these days it’s almost impossible to pick five favourites. The following are top-rated on my iPod right now:

1. Lost in Music (Stress Level & TC1 remix) — Un-Cut ft. Jenna G (Liquid V)

"One of my favourite jazzy DnB tunes at the moment. The sweet vocals of Jenna G complemented nicely by subtle horn samples and some deep, rolling bass. Liquid Funk at its best!"

2. Desperado — Artificial Intelligence (V Recordings)

"Everything A.I. touches seems to turn to gold. Their latest offering is definitely no exception. Crisp breaks set the pace for a brilliant LFO-style bass hook that gets in your head and won't let go."

3. Inside My Soul — Logistics (Hospital Records)

"From the producer of Together – one of the biggest tunes of 2004. Thumping bongo breaks, a growling bassline and an original vocal. This one gets the crowd moving."

4. Bubble — Zinc ft. Dynamite MC (Bingo Dub)

"Nice, bouncy bassline laid down under smooth, flowing lyrics. A very fun party track that is getting played all over the globe."

5. Drop Kick — DJ Deval (Reformed)

"Reformed sticks to their guns, rolling out a jump-up, wobble type tune for the heads. This is straightforward dance floor fare, with a bit of grimy mid bass."

Last words:

"Thanks to everybody who allows the underground music scene to happen. Whether it’s checking out the club nights or buying music at your local record store… your support is greatly appreciated!"

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