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Ear Candy

With Garth Stone


House and breakbeat Aussie DJ

My top five fave tunes in my record box:

1. Gonna Make You Sweat — Bionic World

"A remix of the old Led Zeppelin classic Black Dog produced by some of my home town boys in Melboune, Australia. This bootleg tune is famous for its chunky breakbeat sound and original guitar solo and is being played by DJs all around the world."

2. S.O.S — A Studio

"This house gem has had weeks of airplay on Radio One s Essential Selection and has been voted No.1 on the MTV Dance Charts. Such an infectious tune featuring Polina with her smooth sexy vocals."

3. Sunrise — Duran Duran (Eric Prydz mix)

"This is slowly becoming one of my favourite records with its old-skool lyrics and driving basslines. It’s turning out to be a must for every occasion."

4. Addicted To Bass — Puretone

"Josh Abrahams and Amiel are another duo act from Melbourne who hit the big time four years ago with this drum ’n’ bass classic. Recently remixed by John Creamer and Stepane K this tune never seems to get old."

5. Finally — Kings Of Tomorrow

"This song makes me laugh every time it gets played. It’s a quality house record and a feel-good tune that reminds me of all the great friends l have met over the years."

Last words:

"Thanks to everyone for their support and making me feel so welcome in Whistler. It’s been a pleasure to spin beats in the mountains with such talented DJs from all around the world."

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