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Ear Candy

With Mark Bannock

Drummer for local bands The Minions and The Fall of Summer


Five songs I’m hyped on right now:

Opium Trail — Thin Lizzy

1. "Phil Lynott (lead singer, bassist) is an amazing storyteller and the whole arrangement of this song is super good. Listen to Thin Lizzy."

2. Scary Sad — All

"This is a great band that has been around forever and still writes great songs. Drummer Bill Stevenson blows my mind."

3. Raining Blood — Slayer

"It’s hard to choose just one Slayer song but this one stands out because of the rising action."

4. Give the Mule What He Wants — Queens of the Stone Age

"A cool 2 1/2 minute song. Every song on this album is a good one."

5. Assemble the Empire — Sparta

"One of my favourite bands to see live and one of my favourite albums. This song ends the album perfectly."

Last Words:

"Listen to the Minions, The Fall of Summer, The Senate Arcade, In Medias Res and Rammer and support your local music scene."

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