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Ear Candy

With Robbie Dagg


Guitar and vox for local band Truth Be Told.

My five favourite albums right now:

1. Beastie Boys — Check Your Head

"Lyrical mastery, wicked rapping, good funky beats and rockin’ DJ

mixin’. Beastie Boys tear it up whether they're rapping or playing their

own instruments."

2. Bad Religion — All Ages

"I got this one for Christmas from my brother. At the time I was singing in the church choir while my mom played the organ. After listening and singing along to this album many times I changed my religion to ‘Bad’."

3. NOFX — I Heard They Suck Live

"Whenever we make a mistake live I think back to this album and realize that it's not a big deal. Whenever I've seen NOFX live they seem so comfortable on stage just being themselves and joking around saying whatever they’ve got on their mind between songs. They set a good example for me."

4. Mötley Crüe — Too Fast For Love

"This is a great mix of hard rock and slow rock. It's a classic. Great band fusion and originality in true rock ’n’ roll fashion."

5. Bob Marley — Natural Mystic

"Whether you need to stand up, slow down, or blaze into outer space this album suits any mood. It's got a drive but also a cool-out effect on your system. Bob Marley lives! Ya mon."

Last Words:

"People always ask us if they can buy our album but we don't have one yet.

Jay our drummer built a studio in our house, so we can record an album soon. Jeremy’s always writing songs and Darryl rips the bass a new dimension. I have to practice more because the guys in my band are getting so good. Truth Be Told, we're just keeping it real. Merry Christmas everybody!"