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DJ, yoga enthusiast and yummy mommy.

My top 5 (female) songs right now:

1. The Principles of Lust — Enigma

"From the MCMXCa.D album, 1990. New Age music at its best. Amazing blend of nature sounds mixed with electronic music, smooth and floaty to start with, building into soft vocals and a funky bass beat."

2. No Ordinary Love — Sade

"From the Love Deluxe album, 1992. One of my all time favourite songs from Sade. Powerful vocals from such a little person. Truly a beautiful love song from a beautifully talented woman."

3. You’re Not Alone (Break Beat version) — Olive

"No matter what genre version you listen to, this track always sounds amazing and gets people on the dance floor, no matter what time of the night you play it."

4. History Repeating — Propeller Heads/Shirley Bassey

"From the Drumsanddecksandrockandroll album. Shirley Bassey has such a powerful vocal explosion in this song. Talk about funky bass beats. WOW! This song definitely gets your booty moving!"

5. Breaking the Silence (Progressive/Break Beat Version) — Lucky7

"Canada’s Sarah McLachlan sings a magical version of this song, taking you on a journey full of everything good in this world. Sarah has such a powerful voice but conveys it in a smooth and mystical way. I love ending my set with this song!"

Last Words:

The DJ world is dominated by the male-kind but once in a while they let the female-kind into their playground. My thanks go out to DJ Milton for letting me play with the big boys.

"Challenges are what makes life interesting, overcoming them is what makes life meaningful."

– Joshua J. Marine

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