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ear candy

With Josh Gontier – guitar messiah and vocalist with local porno-funk rockers Slow Nerve Action.


My top five songs at the moment:

1. Da Bomb – Blue Quarter

"From the En'trance album. Blue Quarter are friends of ours from Vancouver. Previously from Canmore, before that, Montreal. Nice guys, though."

2. Can't Put My Finger On It – Ween

"From Painting the Town Brown – live stuff by the greatest live band ever. They played for four hours last time they were in Vancouver."

3. 911 Is A Joke – Public Enemy

"Flava Flav may be my favourite MC (besides Chris Berry... Hi Sweetie!)"

4. Olé Mulholland – Frank Black

"From Teenager of the Year. I've listened to more Frank Black than anything else the last couple of years."

5. Wake Up – Three Days Grace

This is my cousin Adam's band. He's the sexiest man in Canadian Rock. Seriously, look it up! (Chart Magazine, September 2004).

Last Words :

"I'd like to include Jimi, Neil, Jeff Buckley and John Lennon, Beck,

Bjork, James Brown and Muddy Waters.… Aside from that: support minor hockey, buy locally and listen to college radio."

Ear Candy is a weekly column offering a glimpse into the local musical mindset.

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