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Ear Candy

With Trevor Anstey, a.k.a. DJ Rob Banks – hooligan on the decks at Tommy Africa’s, Garfinkel’s and the GLC.


My top five songs right this minute:

1. My Guitar — Theodore Unit

"This is like an adult contemporary version of a classic rap topic. Slick, funny Ghostface from the Pretty Toney Album. The B-side is pure truth."

2. Can't Stand Me Now — The Libertines

"Ya can't not love British junkie surf rock. Oh, it's just okay? Wait ’til the harmonica comes in. The B-side isn't on any of their albums and all the girls love it."

3. Lonely People — Talib Kweli

"With the tic tic followed by that boom under a Beatles classic you're already moved. But wait, is that a poignant three minute observation of modern life?"

4. HQ Riddim — Spotlight: Tight Jeans Pants

"This whole song is a little disjointed but nobody writes a hook as good as these guys."

5. So Soulful — Consequence with Kanye West

"HOOOO-WEEE! It would take two pages to describe how good this song is."

Last Words :

"Buy the Pretty Toney album. Look for my new night this winter at the GLC – Break Rocks – all rock ’n’ roll and breakbeats. Tommy's and Garf's rule!"