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Ear Candy

With Milton Currie — House-master, Easygroove Kingpin and Whistler’s Favourite DJ (Pique’s Best Of Whistler 2003 Poll).


My five favourite tracks right now:

1. Not In Our Name — Bassnectar

"...not by our hearts will we allow whole peoples to be deemed evil, not by our will and not in our name. We pledge alliance with those who have under come attack for voicing opposition to the war. We pledge to make a common cause with people of the world to bring about justice, freedom and peace.

"Another world is possible, and we pledge to make it real..." I respect DJ Lorin for educating people about social injustices through his music. Check out www.bassnectar.net.

2. Toxic (Armand Van Helden remix) — Britney Spears

"Van Helden proves that any song could sound good with the right mix."

3. Goose! (dub) — Freq Nasty

"I saw Freq Nasty at Shambhala this summer and I've never heard anything like it before. Ultra-low, throbbing bass lines that almost knock the wind out of you. This song reminds me of the wicked experience I had that weekend.

4. Diamond Life (Deep Dish's numb life remix) — Louie Vega & Jay Sealee featuring Julie McKnight

"Progressive beats with soulful vocals. Julie McKnight has the most beautiful voice that soothes your soul.

5. Punks (Krafty Kuts remix) — Freestylers

"This song gets the dance floor rocking! Heavy rolling bass line with a killer breakdown close to the end. Some serious beats from the originators of funky breaks."

Last words:

"Thanks to all my peeps who have stuck with me through all the ups and downs. It makes me happy to be able to bring people together to celebrate life through dance. Support your local DJs, artists and record stores. Being creative doesn't always pay the bills. Keep informed on what's going on around you – knowledge is power. Watch for my Web site coming soon to a computer near you: www.easygroove.ca.