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Ear Candy

With Gillie Easdon — Arts impressario, writer, composer, masseuse, raven-haired beauty.


My five favourite bits of songs right now:

1. La Vie a Deux — Manu Chao

"Ill est minuit a Tokyo, il est cinq heures au Mali, quelle heure est-il au paradis?"

2. California Stars — Billy Bragg and Wilco (words by Woody Guthrie)

"I’d like to dream my troubles all away on a bed of California stars. Jump up from my starbed and make another day underneath my California stars."

3. Perfect World — Liz Phair

"No need for Lucifer to fall if he'd learn to keep his mouth shut."

4. Head Like a Hole — Nine Inch Nails

"Let’s go dancing on the backs of the bruise."

5. Worthy — Ani di Franco

"What good is a poker face when you’ve got an open hand?"

Last words:

I took Anthropology of Healing at university. I was not an Anthropology student. Prof. Turner let me in this fourth year class because I knew what a middle "C" was. We studied why and how music heals and what kind of music heals. Sometimes I ache for the lyrics of a particular song to ease or celebrate my day. I learned in this exceptional class that actually I might be seeking a certain cadence, pitch, vowel or single strain, not the words at all.