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Ear Candy

With Susan Holden — Plan B singer/songwriter/guitar player and lifetime member of the Tuned Woman sisterhood.


Five of my favourite songs – in no particular order:

1. War Pigs — Black Sabbath

"To remind me why Ozzy is my hero now that the Osbournes are on TV."

2. Don’t let it bring you down — Neil Young

"A perfect example of a string of nonsensical lyrics strung together to create a great song. If you think it does make sense, enjoy the buzz, man!"

3. Mikey Lunt — Slow Nerve Action

"Because it makes me wonder..."

4. Redemption Day — Sheryl Crow

"It’s pretty and political."

5. Mama Don’t Smoke — Bran Van 3000

"As the song says: ‘it helps to keep my blues away.’"

Last words...

"I love a beer buzz early in the morning." — Sheryl Crow

Ear Candy is a weekly column offering a glimpse into the local musical mindset.