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Brian MacDonald – Crowley Band bass player, headbanger, humanitarian.


Five albums I live for right now:

1. Highway to Hell — AC/DC

"How many of you have caught yourself or others playing air guitar to this one? All of you? Oh yeah, that’s right."

2. Wild One — Thin Lizzy

"One of the most versatile and influential bands in rock ’n’ roll history. This and every other Lizzy is a definite must for any rock collection. I listen to it every day."

3. Long Live Rock ’n’ Roll — Rainbow

"Richie Blackmore (Deep Purple) and Ronnie James Dio – I only found this months ago and I was blown away that such a band was out there. F**k man, the title says it all."

4. Ride the Lightning — Metallica

"In my opinion, their best album. Back when the original four horsemen relied on no one else but themselves."

5. Soundtrack to the Apocalypse — Slayer

"One of the most respected bands in rock/metal history – and always a crowd-pleaser."

Ear Candy is a weekly column offering a glimpse into the local musical mindset.

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