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Drunk driving up, thefts continue


It was an unhappy Thanksgiving weekend for some, and a busy weekend for the Whistler/Pemberton RCMP.

In total, the police issued 15 24-hour driving prohibitions to impaired drivers and made four drug seizures.

The bears were also out and about, leading to 12 different calls.

There were a total of three motor vehicle incidents, including one in which alcohol was determined to be a contributing factor. Two of the accidents took place in the Pemberton area and one in Whistler.

The rash of robberies continues, with two break and enters reported at Whistler residences over the weekend, bringing the total number to 11 since the beginning of the month.

More robberies of cars, homes and businesses are being reported each day, and the RCMP are asking people to take precautions by locking vehicles, keeping valuables at home, parking in well-lit areas, locking up homes and businesses, and considering alarms and other anti-theft devices.

The RCMP also responded to six noisy party complaints over the long weekend, and five young males, all Whistler residents, were arrested and held for being drunk in a public place – all separate incidents.

Police execute immigration warrant

On Oct. 13, at 9:05 a.m., the RCMP arrested a 40-year-old male on a Canada-wide immigration warrant and transported the individual back to the U.S.

The man is identified as Whistler resident Donald Lewis.