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Drugs and alcohol a problem for Whistler youth



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Another characteristic of small high school is the tendency for Grades 7 through 12 to party together.

That means the younger grades are often exposed to behaviour, such as drinking and drug use, at a very young age.

The solution, said Routley and others, is to know where your kids are; check to make sure they are where they said they were going to be even if it means phoning other parents.

And get involved and love your kids. There are dozens of programs offered through various organizations which offer activities parents and youths can do together.

Other suggestions from the work groups included:

• keep the computer in the family room. That way parents can monitor what their kids are up to on the Internet and if they are in the same room conversation is more likely to take place;

• set up a phone tree with other parents so information can be shared;

• respect your child and they will eventually respect you back;

• get to know your kids’ friends and their parents;

• try and have a family meal together everyday;

• make sure your spouse knows what you know and knows the rules.

The primary goal of everything the parent is doing is to keep their kids safe. Said Patti Walhovd, the in-coming chair of Whistler Secondary’s Parent Advisory Council: "That is one of our jobs.

"And never, never concede defeat."