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Drouin on top of ultra-cross


On Jan. 14, Whistler Freeride Team member Candice Drouin and Wendy Lumby of Alberta teamed up up to the win the sixth annual Paul Mitchell Ultra-Cross at Northstar-at-Tahoe.

Ultra-cross puts both skiers and snowboarders on a single snowcross course. The snowboarders go first, while their teammates make their way to the start gate. The moment the boarder crosses the line, the gate opens for each skier. The first skier across the line determines the winning team.

Lumby skied and Drouin, who has proven to be a pretty good skier herself in recent years, went back to her snowboard.

"I had a great time at the ultra-cross," said Drouin. "It was nice to pair up with a good friend and a fellow Canadian. I look forward to competing in more ultra-crosses with Wendy."

Whistler skier Davey Barr was also in the race, finishing fourth overall even though his teammate broke his ankle in the semi-finals.