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Driver hits moving train in Function Junction



A 26-year-old Whistler resident hit a train in Function Junction at the railway crossing Nov. 29.

The woman was not injured in the accident that occurred at 6:30 p.m., but her car suffered extensive damage.

β€œIt was about $4,000 of damage for a vehicle of that nature, and it virtually totaled the front of the vehicle,” said RCMP Corporal Ron Russell.

He added that the driver of the train was unaware of the accident at the time and continued north to Pemberton.

RCMP officers later contacted the locomotive and inspected it for damage. They found none.

Officers have also confirmed that the lights at the railway crossing were functioning properly at the time of the accident and are citing driver inattentiveness as the cause of the collision.

β€œI would have to say that it was just driving without due care and attention, but she was very fortunate,” said Cpl. Russell.

The RCMP remind drivers that road conditions are hazardous at this time of the year in the region. Drivers are being asked to take extra care when on the highways throughout the Sea to Sky.