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Drive-In, Squamish style


Dark nights, big screens and cool breezes – drive in culture is back from the past and rolling through Squamish this weekend, with a fundraising event for the Squamish Coast Guard Auxiliary Unit (SCGA).

The new unit honed its skills all winter, and, with the summer winding to a close, is looking to supplement its Canadian Coast Guard funding with a few donated dollars. The unit was cobbled together last fall in response to predicted growth at the north end of Howe Sound.

“Everyone remembers the fun of going to the drive-in, so we are setting up a giant outdoor movie screen down at the Squamish oceanfront and just like the real thing we will have an outdoor concession,” said SCGA unit leader Ron Drewry in a press release. “Bring your family, bring a date or a car full of friends and cruise in for the first Drive-In Event in Squamish.”

The movie is scheduled for Saturday, Aug. 23. Gates open at 6:30 p.m. and the reels roll at dusk.