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Down one lead guitar and looking

Punk rockers Slush looking for a new lead



Local punk rockers Slush are looking for a new lead guitarist, which is no small position to fill.

Matt Elliott, who played with Whistler’s longest running punk band for six years, has left.

“Matt was an amazing guitarist, writer and band mate,” said drummer Jamie Weatherbie. “We are hoping to find a new energy to bring to the band.”

Maybe that is why the band is having such a hard go of finding a replacement.

Slush, formed in northern Ontario in 1992, first came to Whistler in 1998 and has since produced nine albums, the most recent being Buried Inside in 2005. Their melodic skate punk vibe is no stranger to Punk Nights as well as other local venues around town.

To join the local Slush roster of Weatherbie, Adam Leggett and Gavin McDermott, contact Jamie at 604-905-6766 and visit the band’s website at slushpunk.com.

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