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Doug Lundgren

Lundgren jumping into the action


Name: Doug Lundgren

Age: 41

Website: No site, e-mail is: parkwood@whooshnet.com

Occupation. Ski guide

Last book read: The Confusion, a trilogy by Neil Stephenson; Shop Girl by Steve Martin.

What music are you listening to these days? Danny Gatton, Mike Stern, The Masters of Reality.

Favourite recreational pursuits: Boarding, skiing, mountain biking.

1. Why are you running for council?

I believe I have very good insight into the path that Whistler is moving on. I have been waiting on the sidelines for 18 years in this town and the feedback from friends and locals has been so loud that I had to run in this election to make sure that their voices and ideas were heard.

2. What are the biggest issues facing Whistler?

The biggest issue facing Whistler is affordability. Affordability for housing. Affordability for tourists. Affordability for local businesses to bring products and services to our community. We are pricing ourselves out of existence.

3. What needs to be done to address those issues?

One of the easiest ways to help locals is to create policy that removes red tape and streamlines the application for affordable accommodation. Our building department has done a great job to maintain a high level of compliance in our neighbourhoods, but this does not need to be replicated for affordable housing initiatives. We could move to cheaper pre-fab or concrete tilt up structures that are more livable, affordable and better meet our sustainability objectives. If we approve more retail locations along this line of thinking we will lower rents by creating more space and allow for pricing competitiveness. With these first two solutions in place our overall value for the tourists should increase.

4. How will Whistler 2020 help us?

Whistler is the 2020 document. It has always been the desire of our community to be a leader in sustainability and this document is the catalyst that crystalizes our community desires. It is a large investment and we need to ensure that we do not get off track and jeopardize the dividends it will pay our community. 5. Name three things you expect to accomplish in this council’s term.

The three things I would like to accomplish are: Number one, build more affordable housing. Number two, collect on all our outstanding development promises. Number three, provide scalable parking enforcement to stimulate business during shoulder season. We shouldn't be paying parking tickets when no one is here!

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