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Double punk playbill

Married to Music and Circle the Wagons rock out new albums at Boot Pub



Who: Married to Music/Circle the Wagons

When: Sunday, Jan. 29

Where: Boot Pub

It’s a double header CD release party featuring Married to Music and Circle the Wagons at Punk Night Sunday, Jan. 29 at the Boot Pub.

The two bands have kept similar company, touring with the likes of Nomeansno and The Hanson Brothers.

However, punk rockers Married to Music recently joined forces with SNFU, which stepped on board to release Married to Music’s new album Sweet Kicking and Screaming on SNFU’s Rake Records label.

"We kind of hit on a chord and started getting attention," Married to Music frontman Byron Slack said. "SNFU stepped up to the plate and took us out on tour."

Originally, the four-year-old band hoped to apply a running theme throughout the album. However, too many ideas bumped out the concept notion, expanding it to themes running the gamut from domestic violence to relationships.

"We try hard to be constantly original and consistent," Slack said. "We are trying to be a punk rock band with values. Dark humour is the best way to describe the project…. We try to say something enlightening and try to play on metaphors so as not to make it so blunt and in your face."

Maybe not in your face lyrically, but loud, fast and in your face musically, Nelson’s Circle the Wagons is all about uprooting the fast three-chord punk of yester years – with heavy influences from Black Sabbath.

Those familiar to BC/DC will recognize the two AC/DC-tribute band members from stages around Whistler: Mike Maggot and Paddy Duddy, who will be joined by drummer number 17 on the west coast tour, Chris Lite-Deluxe.

BC/DC provides the paycheque and Circle the Wagons the creative payoff.

"I am playing music I love and playing very quickly," Maggot said of the all-original sets.

"It’s really fast, old school heavy punk, kind of like Black Flag or Poison Idea. We were in The Heathers before CTW. It imploded. It’s faster, heavier."

The new album, Forbidden to Eat Worms , was released on Black Banana Records.

"It’s not perfect, but it certainly is a dandy representation of how we sound live," Maggot said. "We are stupidly fast and chaotic and we could probably fit our entire record into one King Crimson song. Let’s be realistic here. We’re a punk band not Mahavishnu Orchestra."