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Doglotion goes online


A couple of Whistler locals want to take freeskiing to a new level – on the Internet.

Skiers Jamie Bond and Andre Charland have launched as a new online ski magazine.

Currently the site shows a series of five consecutive photos of a guy skiing off the roof of a house.

"A lucky few of us know that houses, garages, sheds and hotels yield far more potential than just simple shelters," says one of the Web site's pages.

But among these showboating antics there is also the latest competition news, a buy and sell page, and backcountry tips, as well as some other inspiring photos (if rooftops don't do it for you).

Their mission, as stated online, "is to become one of the funniest and sickest freeskiing sites out there."

The site, which cost less than $1 million, plans to zero in on the freeskiing scene both at home and overseas, focusing on the shenanigans at the heart of freeskiing.

"I'm stoked to see it growing as quick as it has," said Bond. "... and the more people that contribute, the closer skiers will come to taking over the earth once and for all."

The creators are asking people to send in their photos and stories to keep their site as sick as possible.

As for the name doglotion – for those non-freeskiers out there – a doglotion is also known as a mandatory straight line. Check out to find out about the doglotion contest for the picture of the best straight line.

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