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Whistler goes to the dogs Dog club expands Terry Vincent is like a kid with a new toy, except where children soon tire of the latest gew-gaw, Vincent has never flagged in her enthusiasm for her border collie Bonnie. That high energy has earned her the presidency of the Sea to Sky Canine Club. Until now mostly based in Squamish, Vincent's participation and, especially, the popularity of the Doggie Parade at the recent World Ski & Snowboard Festival has resulted in an instant Whistler contingent of some 32 dog lovers. Twenty-two of those have to sit on a waiting list, however. The club can only accommodate 10 dogs and masters at the site it uses to train dogs in agility and fly-ball, a fetch and jump game. "We're looking for a larger area where we can take all the dogs and owners," Vincent says. As more people join the club, Vincent hopes to set up a version of the nationally organized Good Canine Citizen Program of obedience training for both hounds and humans. "I hope to get Municipal Bylaw involved to support the citizenship program," Vincent says. Animal control officers can then suggest negligent owners attend as part of, or instead of, a fine. Vincent is also organizing a pet first aid course through the SPCA and a local veterinarian. The $80 fee for the full-day course includes a manual. For more information, call her at Freestyle Framing: 932-4077.