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Dog kills a “shock to us all”, says Tourism Whistler

100 dogs believed killed in post-Olympic cull



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It also maintained in its release that it "did not instruct the General Manager" of Howling Dogs to carry out the killings in the manner described in the media.

"OAW was aware of the relocation and euthanization of dogs at Howling Dogs in April 2010 but it was our expectation that it was done in a proper, legal and humane manner," the release read. "We only learned otherwise on Friday, January 28 when we read the WCB ruling for the first time. OAW is now investigating the matter."

Shortly after the shootings, the general manager stopped running the business. He continues to get support from OAW and because the information in the WCB report pertains to his emotional condition it does not feel it's appropriate to release further information about him.

OAW assumed full operational control of Howling Dogs in May 2010. Howling Dogs made big changes to its business after professional consultation and new leadership came on board. That included relocation and delivery of dogs throughout Canada at the company's own cost, which saw about 75 of its most capable dogs shipped across B.C., Alberta and Ontario.

All male dogs in the kennel were also neutered to prevent unwanted pregnancies and manage its population, a program that was implemented in concert with a Whistler veterinarian.

The company also created an "open-pen" kennel where dogs would not be tethered or chained. Thus far 85 per cent of the kennel has been transitioned to its new format with a goal of being transitioned 100 per cent before the summer.

Outdoor Adventures now has a company policy that any dogs that need to be euthanized be sent to a veterinarian. It claims there are no firearms on company property.

A new manager has been hired for Howling Dogs who they say is "working to craft the finest dogsled operation in the world with the highest standards in the industry."

A veterinarian concluded a bi-annual inspection of all dogs and kennel conditions on December 1, 2010, and said he was "pleased at the substantive improvements seen at the facility and have no concern about the dogs' quality of life or for the care they are provided."

The Resort Municipality of Whistler said in a news release that its council and staff are "extremely concerned" by reports of sled dog culling that it said occurred "outside of the Whistler municipal boundaries" in April 2010.

According to a statements on its website Howling Dog Tours of Canmore, Alberta sold its interests in Howling Dog Tours Whistler Inc. in 2004.