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Dog killed by coyotes in Brackendale

There have also been multiple coyote sightings in Whistler recently, says the COS



A small dog was killed by a group of coyotes in Brackendale this week, confirmed the District of Squamish.

The pet was reportedly “snatched” by a coyote on Friday afternoon, July 21 while the owner was walking her dogs on the Ray Peters Trail across from the Brackendale landfill. There were reportedly three coyotes involved in the fatal attack.

Officials are urging that children be closely supervised and pets kept on-leash at all times when in the area, which has been home to a number of coyote and wolf sightings in recent months.

In July 2016, according to a district release, coyotes on the Wonderland Trail injured two off-leash dogs. This was followed by several reports this spring of a grey wolf stalking dogs in the area.

Sgt. Simon Gravel with the Conservation Officer Service (COS) told Pique last week that there have been “multiple reports” of coyotes recently near the Cut Yer Bars mountain biking trail in Whistler. The COS has placed several signs in the area advising of coyote activity.

“People are using the trails with dogs off-leash, and, of course, coyotes are seeing the dogs as prey,” Gravel said.

If you run into a coyote, make yourself appear large, maintain eye contact and speak or shout in a low, firm voice. If the coyote pursues you, do not turn your back and run, but rather throw rocks and arm yourself with a stick before picking up any small children or pets and backing away slowly.

You can report all aggressive coyote encounters to the COS at 1-877-952-7277.

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