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Dog found in Pemberton with arrow in chest

Police seeking information



The St’lat’limx Tribal Police are investigating after a dog was found in Pemberton’s Industrial Park with an arrow through its chest area.

The dog, which appeared to be a German shepherd, was discovered in the industrial park Dec. 27 by Ruth Noden, who operates an animal shelter about five kilometres north of Pemberton, according to the Province newspaper.

The dog, a grown black-and-white male, was walking around with an arrow in its chest when Noden found it, according to Staff Sergeant Marshall Seniuk, acting chief of the Stl’atl’imx Tribal Police.

“I think Ruth owns a dog shelter and she probably came across the animal,” Seniuk said. “The way it looks here, when (police) were called it was found in the industrial park area, she had already taken the animal to Creekside to the vet, so they didn’t actually find her there with the dog.”

When she found the dog, Noden broke off the end of the arrow and then took it to Whistler, according to the Province report.

After taking it to a veterinarian in Whistler Creekside, the dog was then taken to WAG for recovery.

Police spoke to a few people and found out that the owner lived across the street from the Pemberton Industrial Park, the furthermost eastern boundary of the Village of Pemberton.

“From there there was a couple of names given to us that we interviewed and whatnot but they’ve been cleared since,” Seniuk said. “What we’re trying to do now is basically question some locals in the area that might know somebody that might be responsible for it.”

Seniuk said the arrow was located in what “looks like” the front chest area a few inches into the body, between the dog’s front legs. Though the arrow was stuck there, he doesn’t believe the dog’s injuries were life-threatening.

“Anybody that can give us any assistance in helping to identify anybody that would be responsible for this, or come forward with any information would be appreciated,” he said.