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Doctor sues WORCA for negligence

Dr. Ruth Gibson was injured riding her road bike when she crossed the path of a Toonie Ride



Dr. Ruth Gibson is suing the Whistler Off-Road Cycling Association for unspecified damages after she was injured last year in a collision with a racer.

According to the Writ of Summons filed in March, Gibson was injured during the Aug. 27 Toonie Ride. She was riding a road bike down the Stonebridge Road when a rider, not identified by name in the suit, exited the Beaver Lake Loop trail and crossed her path. She was thrown from her bike in the crash.

In her claim she says she suffered a concussion, injuries to her right eye and face requiring stitches, facial discoloration and scarring, as well as various other injuries to her neck, right shoulder, right elbow, left wrist, right hip and left knee. She alleges that she suffered headaches and memory loss as a result of the crash and has had difficulty sleeping. Moreover, the combination of injuries "have caused the plaintiff pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, permanent physical disability, loss of opportunity and loss of earnings and/or earning capacity, past, present and prospective."

Gibson says she was using a public roadway in a safe manner and was not aware that a race was in progress. The writ says WORCA failed to ensure the race was organized safely, or to use signage and marshals to warn racers or the public.

She is being represented in the suit by Nancy Wilhelm-Morden of Race and Company.

WORCA has not filed a statement of defence and has no comment on the suit.

Last summer WORCA celebrated its 15 th anniversary. This is the first lawsuit filed against the association, which has hosted Loonie Races/Toonie Rides since the beginning. Approximately 5,000 people taking part in up to 20 Toonie races a year.



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