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Doctor facilitates community meeting

Recreation and development on agenda



Pemberton resident, Dr. Hugh Fisher has agreed to help facilitate a community meeting in Pemberton that is being paid for by the Ravens Crest developers.

Fisher said he did not have any "vested interest" in the Ravens Crest development but he was all for promoting more discussion in the community about "recreation and development."

"I think that the (Benchlands) development will have costs and benefits for the community and these issues need to be stood up beside the Ravens Crest development and we as a community should ask some questions about it," said Fisher.

Fisher has lived in Pemberton for 13 years, has two teenage children and like many Pemberton residents he spends a lot of time on the road taking his children to and from Whistler.

The Ravens Crest development is a particularly big issue for young families in Pemberton because the proponents offered the Village of Pemberton land, which could be for sporting amenities, as part of the real estate deal.

Fisher said it was important to have these kinds of meeting so residents could share ideas and avoid "attacking" the council for their efforts.

"We’ve been impacted by Whistler’s growth and that’s led to Pemberton leading Canada for growth statistics for most of the last five years," he said. "What that means when the community’s still tiny is that you don’t have to have many people moving in to get a huge change in population and opinions.

"I believe the council’s worked extremely hard on this and they’re virtually a volunteer group.

"This kind of thing has happened to other places and it just comes flying at you like a truck. That’s why it’s good to talk and look at documents like the OCP (Official Community Plan)."

The meeting starts at 7:30 p.m. tonight (Thursday, Feb. 24) at the Pemberton Community Centre.