Dr. Kennea's distinguished career has taken her around the world, from her hometown of Liverpool to Iraq as a military doctor. Now, based in the Sea to Sky, Dr. Kennea shares her experience with the Pacific Northwest.

Specializing in non-invasive aesthetics and injectable's, Dr. Kennea's priority is natural looking results for whatever age. "I want my patients to feel comfortable in their own skin and to achieve that self-confidence that they may have been lacking," said Dr. Kennea. Whether that means suggesting CoolSculpting, which targets and kills fat cells to combat stubborn fat, or the Dermapen, which treats and repairs skin marks and blemishes, Dr. Kennea likely has the solution.

To say the aesthetics expert's training and research is exhaustive is an understatement. After graduating with a double degree in medicine and immunology in Scotland, Dr. Kennea was invited to Yale University as a researcher. However, she chose to serve in the British Army as a military doctor in 2001, assisting in medical emergencies in isolated areas and other pre-hospital environments. In fact, Dr. Kennea's work in the British Army garnered her two accolades: an Iraqi medal and a national prize for military medicine. Her extensive work as an ER doctor in the U.K. and Canada has also been featured in documentaries. Dr. Kennea also worked as a partner at her own family practice in the Channel Islands, before taking a position in Gibson's on the Sunshine Coast.

Though, despite her decorated experience, Dr. Kennea's passion has always been in aesthetics medicine, which she now pursues to much success under her business, Whistler Medical Aesthetics. Dr. Kennea's research alongside experts in the field of aesthetics, including world-renowned Dr. Mauricia De Maio, which gives her an edge in the world of aesthetics. She is just one of a handful of doctors in the country who Allergan are mentoring to perfect the MD Codes, a revolutionary methodology developed by Dr. De Maio for non-surgical face lifts. Dr. Kennea's own signature soft lift procedures have also earned her a reputation that brings in patients who routinely travel from Vancouver and Washington state.

To learn more about Dr. Sarah Kennea visit, call 778-879-3619, or email You can also find Whistler Medical Aesthetics on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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