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Do You Believe?

Behind the scenes at the festival in Whistler Olympic Park



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We could debate forever why some musicians become popular while others of equal or greater talent are left to toil in obscurity. For Adrian, it's black, white and attributed to something he calls the pop machine. "All of (Believe Festival's) artists are resonating at festivals around the world. They're the ones turning heads. If the big pop machine gets behind the Skrillex guys, we understand how that works. This is next level electronic music. It just doesn't have the big machine behind it. It doesn't get the promotion and all the radio hits. They're better, they just don't have the machine," he says.

While there are well-known locals on the lineup, like Phroh (who has played a big role in helping curate the lineup), Kori K and Kostman, as well as DJs like Sticky Buds from Kelowna who has performed here before, there are also international names like Liquid Stranger from Sweden, New Zealand's Nasty Genius, Helber Gun from Mexico, Germany's Symphonix and Funky Dragon from Austria. (For a more detailed look at the artists see the next three pages.)

Jane and Adrian plan to push hard to move tickets in the final week, but seem content knowing the festival's inaugural year will serve as a launch pad for bigger festivals to come. They don't speak in tentative terms about the future; they're confident the show will go on and continue to grow.

"We're not ever going to be the Skrillex crowd, but there are definitely a lot of guys we would like to bring in," Adrian says. "Steve Aoki we would bring in. We would want to do the Red Hot Chili Peppers. If you do the Marleys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, our progressive stuff, bring in the hip hop, dubstep, that's what that park needs. That's what a Whistler festival needs. That is our goal: to fill that place up, to fill the village up. We want to have the best of all the genres and we'll focus on our (Goa) genre and people can decide. We'll move the festival in the direction it needs to go."

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