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Discover local authors


By Joan Richoz, Whistler Public Library

During Discovery Days at the Whistler Public Library, we will be celebrating local authors as well as books about Whistler.

Whistler authors are also great cooks – try out some of the "classic" Whistler recipes in Deanna White’s What’s cookin’ in Whistler . If you want to try some favourites of local restaurants, have a look at Whistler Weekend cookbook: Easy, elegant recipes by local chefs & friends by Elsie Cumming. Italian cuisine doesn’t get much better than that of local restaurateur Umberto Menghi whose books Umberto’s kitchen and Toscana Mia: The heart and soul of Tuscan cooking will reveal the secrets of Italian cooking.

During the summer months visitors to Whistler are always looking for information on its history. We always suggest The Whistler Story by Anne McMahon which traces Whistler’s history from the days of Myrtle and Alex Philip to 1980. Whistler Museum and Archives volunteers and staff, Florence Petersen, Sally Mitchell and Janet Love Morrison wrote Whistler Reflections , an anecdotal history told through the recollections of long time residents, settlers and loggers. Bob Barnett, editor of Pique Newsmagazine, compiled Whistler: History in the making , feature articles which appeared in the Pique and including local authors G.D. Maxwell, Michel Beaudry, Charlie Doyle, Robyn Cubie and Loreth Beswetherick. Author Stephen Vogler combines local history, local issues and art by local artists Cristina Nick and Hugh Kearney in the provocative Whistler features . Other history titles include Doreen Armitage’s Around the Sound: A history of Howe-Sound/Whistler, Irene Edwards’ Short portage to Lillooet , Frances Decker’s Pemberton: History of a settlement

Whistler is a paradise for photographers and there are some beautiful coffee table type books at the Library. Have a look at two of the earliest books, Sea to Sky country by John Bartosik and Mountain Magic: Images of Whistler and Blackcomb featuring local photographers Rick Flebbe, Greg Griffith, David Lalik, Paul Morrison, Maureen Provencal and Leanna Rathkelly. Other titles include Tanya Lloyd’s Whistler and Marie Luttrell’s Whistler British Columbia Canada, Brian J.Smith’s collection of photographs and cartoons, Whistler—Changing images and John Haig’s Whistler-Garibaldi: A painter’s view.

Two very different works of fiction are Brent Leigh’s The more: A journey to sustainability published in 2001 and Mitch Rhodes’ The worldwide sexual adventures of Walker Fayt published in 2000 .

The outdoors is what attracts many people to Whistler and there are more and more books about hiking trails and outdoor activities. Some older titles include Paul Adams’ Whistler and region outdoors and Bob Colebrook’s The Whistler handbook .

Hiking guru Jack Christie has published two editions of his Whistler outdoors guide as well as other titles on day trips in the Lower Mainland and B.C. Other books on the area are Connie Brissenden’s Whistler and the Sea-to-Sky country, Kevin McLean’s Rockclimbers’ guide to Squamish and Squamish: New climbs, and John Baldwin’s Mountains of the coast. The research done by renowned bear researcher Michael Allen is chronicled in a videorecording entitled The natural world: In the company of bears.

Come to the library during Discovery Days and check out the display of local authors.