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Letters to the Editor for the week of May 24th, 2012

Disc Golf Respect


I've been playing disc golf on the Whistler course for over a year now. I would estimate I've played close to 100 rounds in the past calendar year. This includes playing in the winter and occasionally the rain. Long story short, I'm familiar with the course. I've also played for a few years and entered a few tournaments. I'm aware of the Code of Conduct associated with disc golf and I've also read the official PDGA rules. This subsequently gives me enough credibility to write this letter.

The sport of Disc Golf attracts many fun loving kids. This coupled with the resort town of Whistler makes for an interesting and motley assortment of golfers stepping into the local tee box. This year already, due to the nice weather and disc golf's increasing popularity, has seen a number of new players on the course. I'm all for the sport's popularity and I wish everyone the best with their disc golfing futures. For me, where things get off track is with the etiquette and behaviour that some of the new players are bringing to the course.

At the end of last season I had to extinguish a minor fire that had been started up by the 18th tee box. This was clearly from a cigarette or something else. I would suggest you quit smoking, but if you must... PLEASE don't throw your discarded smoke(s) into the woods?! I've worked in wilderness firefighting before and really don't need to waste any more ink explaining the dangers of this.

There is also a (stereotype) attached to the sport that revolves around partying and havin' a time. Hence, many new players bring alcohol with them to play. Unfortunately, many recently have been leaving their empties on the course. Not cool. This is not acceptable in any way, shape or form. Take only photographs... leave only footprints.

It has also been brought to my attention that there were golfers recently who were throwing discs at mountain bikers. Seriously?! I really hope this isn't true.

The municipality has caught word of this and is rightfully upset. Just brutal.

Stop being IDIOTS! Stop leaving empties like some travelling clown show gipsy caravan. Just because you're on a work-vacation or a gap-year from another country doesn't mean the rules don't apply to you.

You're giving disc golfers a bad reputation and creating unnecessary headaches. Stop ruining it for everybody!

Phil Jones


The worst is not over

I read the article, "Adventures in Banking," (May 10, Pique) with interest as it is a topic I have been following closely.

Though I agree with (reporter) Andrew Mitchell that rescuing the banks in 2008 was the right way to go to avert greater financial turmoil, I do not share his view that the worst is over.

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