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'Dine and Donate' in full swing for community


December is upon us and people are thinking of ways they can enjoy their winter celebrations and of ways they can give back and help others in need.

For the month of December Whistler Community Services is working with local food establishments to run, "Dine and Donate, Food Bank Fundraiser".

Participating businesses include: BBQ Bob's, Crepe Montagne, La Bocca, Roland's Pub, Samurai Sushi (Creekside and Nesters), Tandoori Grill, Doc Branigan's, Fifty Two 80 Bar and Lounge and Sidecut.

Samurai Sushi and BBQ Bob's will have $2 vouchers at their cash register that you can tear off and give to the cashier when you pay for your food. It is up to you whether you take a voucher or not and how many you would like to ad to your bill.

At the other locations there will be an insert in your billfold and you can choose to add the amount of your liking to the Food Bank. Crepe Montagne has even decided to give back themselves this year by matching donations made at their location, up to a maximum of $1,000.

"WCSS understands that times are tight for locals, visitors, and businesses this year, but we also know that many people are looking at ways they can help during the month of December," said Sara Jennings, WCSS food bank coordinator.

"If you can't give this year, we understand, but if you can every amount is appreciated from the $2 till contribution to the amount of your choice on a participating restaurants Dine and Donate bill fold insert."

Food Bank numbers have been climbing every year at the Whistler Food Bank since 2008. November saw the busiest day on record with 125 people (adults and children) served in a one-week period.