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Village North won't be the only area inhabited by construction crews next summer. On Monday council approved development permit applications for 44 townhouse units in Nordic, 33 units on Blueberry Hill and accepted a proposal for a 46-unit employee housing project at Twin Lakes. The developments are by United Properties, Blueberry Estates Ltd. and Whistler Mountain, respectively. United Properties, which also owns Lot 5, a hotel site, in Village North, will be building the townhouses on a site at the corner of Whistler Road and Nordic Drive. The site was zoned in 1994. Blueberry Estates' project is the second last undeveloped parcel remaining on Blueberry Hill. The four buildings will be located directly west of Greyhawk and south of Ironwood. Five employee (staff) units will be included within the 33 units. Whistler Mountain's proposal includes the transfer of 40 of Whistler Mountain's bed units to the land owners, Ross Depner and Judy Higginson, in return for a two-acre portion of the site. Depner and Higginson are proposing to develop a low-density lodge project with the 40 bed units on their remaining property.