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Destiny’s alternative child



Who: Cherrybomb

Where: GLC

When: April 14

Cherrybomb brings alternative rock to the GLC on April 14.

The band, who recently completed their first B.C.-Alberta tour, play songs from their new album, Lucid Wonder , and three indie albums released to date. Singles include Never Be Your Girl, and Come Back to Me.

"You work so hard to get to the point of leaving on tour, and it’s such hard work while you’re on tour as well, and it’s really up to us as a band to know what we want," says Suzanne Wilson.

Sometimes record labels execs have a different vision.

"They have their own ideas of what they want us to be and what kind of music we are. They’ve said they want something (akin to) Destiny’s Child, but we’re alternative punk rock!" she laughs.

The three-woman band features Wilson (guitar, vocals), Jenny Galt (vocals, guitar, harmonica) and Vicky Sjohall (vocals, guitar, tambourine). Shawn Killaly plays drums, while Sam Shoichet plays bass.

Cherrybomb, who performed at this year’s Altitude in Whistler, play every Wednesday at the Arts Club Backstage Lounge in Vancouver.

They first jammed at a charity show in Vancouver. After a performance at the Starfish Room and strong feedback, they decided forming a band was a good idea.

After a performance at New Music West in 2000, Virgin Records signed the band to a demo deal.

They are currently recording two songs, Sold Out and Going Under, at Hipposonic Studios, where the Swollen Members recorded tracks. They are also completing work at Greenhouse Studios in Vancouver.

Wilson also plays solo gigs at the GLC patio on weekends, at the Crystal Lounge, and local snowmobile adventure tours.

"We’re going to have a blast at the Whistler show and hope to pack the place," she adds.

"We’re all about three vocal harmony parts. There’s nothing like hearing your songs grow."

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