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Dennis Perry, Green Party of B.C.

Dennis Perry was a natural choice for the B.C. Green Party, which is seeking to be taken seriously by voters in the 2005 election as a legitimate and realistic alternative to "politics as usual."


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D.P.: Legal rights have to be respected, and we have to work with First Nations. But backroom deals between the province and First Nations that impact communities, that have no voice, is an absolute no-go. The Liberals Ð and this is another metaphor for the lack of democracy in the system ÐÊare a party dictatorship, and communities left and right are being blindsided.

Bill 75 (the Significant Projects Streamlining Act) is a good example of their intent.

We should speed (treaty negotiations with First Nations) up in a big way. Probably the only way that will happen is if the government stops trying to deny First Nations due process, when they have every legal right to it.

Pique: What message would you like to leave with voters?

DB: There are two things we need to do. To vote yes to the STVÉ and to put Greens into the Legislature for their ideas and positive solutions, and to take us into a new era. Polls have shown that British Columbians and Canadians want Greens in the Legislature to restore balance.

On May 17 elect me as your Green Party MLA. I think IÕve demonstrated my commitment to this community. I lived and worked in Squamish one summer when I was 17. I skied in Whistler the first year it openedÉ and from November to May IÕm up in Whistler every weekend, I have a place here.

I co-led a pack horse trip into Duffey Lake in 1963 with 22 horses out of Pemberton, and rode in the Mount Currie rodeo. IÕve also worked 25 years to establish the South Chilcotin Mountain Park and Big Creek Park.

YouÕre not going to find anyone more dedicated to representing these communities, or seeing the right things done, than me.