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Dennis Perry, Green Party of B.C.

Dennis Perry was a natural choice for the B.C. Green Party, which is seeking to be taken seriously by voters in the 2005 election as a legitimate and realistic alternative to "politics as usual."


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We have had no strong voice in the Legislature for a number of years, and thereÕs no reason to expect another backbench Liberal or even a low-level cabinet minister to give us that voice.

The Campbell Liberals govern in a very centralized, top-down way in which voices from communities have been lost.

I would be a strong voice in the Legislature. Any Greens that win will get a lot of media attention in North America. No Green has ever won in North America, although if you go to Europe the Greens are very mainstream and do quite well.

If I won this riding that is the venue for the Olympic Games, there would be a lot of media focus on me and what the people in this riding want. That comes back to the strong voice argument, I would put the people in this riding before any party platform. I donÕt think the Liberal candidate could say that.

The thing is, at the start of the campaign all Liberal candidates were given Blackberries by the party, and every day they download messages from the party that theyÕre expected to campaign with. Nobody strays from the party line, everybody stays on message. In my mind thatÕs not very democratic, and itÕs another good example of what this Liberal Party is all about.

Pique: What are the issues that you see in this riding, in Whistler, Squamish and Pemberton, and how would you act on them?

DP: Being a loud voice for these communities is front and centre.

I would push as hard as possible for sustainable Olympics, thatÕs our promise to the world and I feel this government isnÕt going to follow through, and VANOC isnÕt going to follow through.

Sustainability is a big issue for all of Sea to Sky that has been overlooked. ItÕs not just (government) implementing economic development initiatives without confirming that there wonÕt be negative impacts on society or the environment. When you make decisions for short-term economic gain to the detriment of the environment and society, it turns into an economic disaster.

IÕd like to walk into the Legislature with new alternatives and possible solutions for sustaining the environment, society and economy.

My 35 years in business has instilled in me the necessity of having good economic policy and good financial management, and I have lots of experience to offer in that area.

That said I strongly support electoral reform because it will help to restore our democracy, and will return power to citizens, to our communities, and most importantly, to our MLAs, who at this point in the Liberal government are paralyzed and not able to speak up for their communities.

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