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Dennis Perry, Green Party of B.C.

Dennis Perry was a natural choice for the B.C. Green Party, which is seeking to be taken seriously by voters in the 2005 election as a legitimate and realistic alternative to "politics as usual."


ThereÕs no question that Perry is an idealist at heart and a champion of environmental causes Ð a staple for any Green candidate Ð but itÕs his diverse business background that truly puts him on another level. With 35 years in investment banking, most recently as president of the pension fund management firm Connor, Lark & Lunn Arrowstreet Capital, Perry brings considerable economic expertise to the ticket as well.

Now retired, and clearly upset at the direction the province is taking, Perry threw his hat into the ring as the deputy leader of the Green Party of B.C., as well as the candidate for the West Vancouver-Garibaldi Riding.

While Perry would be an asset to any party, he said the GreenÕs offer something that the more established political parties cannot ÐÊa chance to make a real difference.

His website is: http://www.dennisperry.ca/

Pique: Why are you running for MLA of West-Vancouver Garibaldi?

Dennis Perry: After 35 years in business, after spending so much free time on conservation issues in the province, dealing with the government in betweenÉ sparked by VictoriaÕs handling of the tunnel issue at Horseshoe Bay, IÕve come to the conclusion that our democracy is broken. ItÕs gotten to the point where IÕm just fed up with this government.

And when I talk about it being broken, in the last election 45 per cent of eligible voters didnÕt even bother to vote, and that number is declining every year. I think itÕs the result of 30 years of polarized politics and extreme, arrogant governments like this one. Citizens have no voice in the process, communities have no voice, and Victoria doesnÕt want to listen.

I think weÕll see more people with my kind of (business) background in the Green Party coming forward and running for the Legislature, and doing better and better. WeÕre not just the party of the environment, weÕre also the centrist party, the forward party, the ahead party. WeÕre not restricted to old thinking like the old political parties are, given their historical platforms and the way they work Ð weÕre the party of optimism and idealism.

WeÕre also a young party. Having a business background adds some credibility, but we also have strong support from federal conservatives and provincial liberals who like what we have to say and the team weÕve assembled, and clearly recognize that weÕre a growing political force in this province.

Pique: How do you see your role as the MLA for West Vancouver-Garibaldi?

DP: To fill a big need that isnÕt being addressed for West Vancouver-Garibaldi at this moment, and thatÕs to be a strong voice on issues.