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Letters to the Editor for the week of April 26th, 2012

Delivering another memorable Telus Festival


Delivering another memorable Telus Festival

What a "rush" and a great way to celebrate a bountiful winter season; the TELUS World Ski and Snowboard Festival was a resounding success! (The Festival so far... Pique April 19)

Thank you to Sue Eckersley and the entire Watermark Team for doing an incredible job, working tirelessly to deliver another memorable festival. Though ski ballet was not among the many on-mountains events, the World Ski Invitational and the Monster Energy Big Air, were just two of the events contributing to the celebration of sport and mountain culture. Thank you to the Whistler Blackcomb Events Team led by YP, Cate and Seb and all of the frontline staff, on the mountain and in the village, who helped to ensure the incredible atmosphere of the 10-day festival radiated though the resort.

Finally, thanks to all of the Telus World Ski and Snowboard Festival sponsors and resort partners. Without their support, this event would not happen. With over a month left to enjoy this season's almost 14 metres of snow, I'll see you on Blackcomb Mountain!

Dave Brownlie, President and COO

Whistler Blackcomb

Positive start for Whistler University

Whistler U's presentation made a positive and compelling case for a university in Whistler during their April 17 presentation to council (Whistler U looks to council for a sign, Pique April 19). I came away from the presentation truly impressed by the level of research and community consultation the project proponents had already undertaken, and their willingness to adjust and modify their proposal so that it best serves the community.

As an organic farmer and environmentalist, I was also impressed by both the number and scope of the environmental studies that had already been conducted to ensure protection of the wetlands, including one prepared locally by Cascade Environmental. I believe the local impact of the benefits of the environmental initiatives proposed by Whistler U, from building standards, to curriculum, will far outweigh any negatives associated with developing the non-wetlands portion of the Zen lands.

For the record, I have no financial interest or affiliation with Whistler U, I am simply a local resident wanting to go on the record in support of this amazing opportunity for Whistler.

Peter Gorski


Leadership on opposing Northern Gateway Pipeline

A brief but heartfelt thanks to Whistler's mayor and council for making the brave and bold move to officially oppose the Northern Gateway Pipeline Project. You truly have your finger on the pulse of your constituents and I personally thank you for it!

Kirsten Reinholz


Stop the pipeline

Our mayor and municipal council members should be congratulated for having Whistler join other British Columbia communities who are opposed to having Enbridge build their proposed Northern Gateway pipeline across our province. Doing so definitely demonstrates the leadership and courage we voted for at our last municipal election. It feels good.